India's leading suppliers and exporters of Mustard Oil.

Our company is one of the largest mustard oil manufacturers in Gujarat. The Appu Oil Company is one of the leading mustard oil suppliers and exporters in India.

As a prominent manufacturer and exporter of mustard oil from Gujarat, India, we are devoted to providing products of the highest standard by utilising advanced processing techniques. Our mustard oil has an appetising smell that helps stimulate appetite and contains antioxidants, cholesterol reduction, and essential vitamins—all contributing to its natural properties for maximum benefit. We have established several units within our infrastructure, one of which is a warehouse to ensure quality control.

Modern technology and natural mustard seeds are used to produce our mustard oil, which is made using an online payment processing system to avoid any security issues. In a well-equipped laboratory, edible mustard oil is manufactured step-by-step after mustard seeds are crushed in a wooden kolhus.

Creating dishes that are delicious and flavorful is made simpler with low-fat oil. When it comes to pickles, Appu Mustard Oil helps preserve their quality and taste throughout the year by acting as a preservative. In terms of Ayurvedic medicine, pungent mustard oil has long been utilised in massages. Depending on its purpose, it may be blended with other oils and medicines. Massaging the skin regularly with this type of oil can give it softness and radiance.

Appu Oil is a renowned name when it comes to mustard oil production. As manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, we offer an outstanding selection of pure mustard seed oil, refined corn oil, fresh sunflower oil, castor oil, mustard oil, and pure castor seed oil at the best prices. Our high-end techniques guarantee the extraction of top-quality mustard oil that is characterised by its pungent odour, nourishing properties and appetite-stimulating nature. All these elements help us stay at the top of our clients lists.

Our infrastructure has been divided into various units, one of which is a warehouse to support quality control. To provide secure transactions, an online payment processing system is used. With the aid of advanced technology and natural mustard seeds, our mustard oil is developed via a step-by-step process in a laboratory exclusively set up for preparing edible oil. The mustard seeds are initially crushed with a wooden kolha before undergoing further procedures.

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